The Living Room

When you walk through our front door you are welcomed into the living room.  This is where you will embark on your journey through our space of healing and self care.

The Waterway

Once your float oasis is ready, we will take you back into our waterway. As you enter our waterway, you will begin your float experience as we introduce you to “The River”, “The Bay”, and “The Ocean”, our three spacious float rooms.


The River

While the River and the Bay rooms are the exact same size, they each offer their own unique look and feel. Our float rooms in the River and Bay hold 170 gallons of water with approximately 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt (pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate).

The Bay

The Ocean Room

The Ocean Room holds 220 gallons of water and approximately 1400 pounds of Epsom Salt (pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate).  The Ocean Room also offers fiber optic twilight’s in the ceiling, as if you’re looking up at the stars.

The Studio

We created the studio space to help compliment floating by offering a space to refresh before reemerging into the world after your float.  The Studio also offers weekly yoga classes, private guided meditation, private yoga sessions, wellness workshops, and fun!

We believe that there are many tools to carry with us throughout life. The studio provides a safe space for any individual to come learn and grow.

If there is an event going on in the studio space, anyone floating is encouraged to join us. If there is no class or event, then please use this space to relax before rushing back out into the world, enjoy a cup of tea or glass of water . While in the space, please take advantage of our bolsters, blankets, mats, breathing balls and our art supplies. Take a moment read one of our journals, where our guests share their experiences, feel free to share your own…