Floatation Therapy

R.E.S.T., relax and leave pain at the door.

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Why Float?

Imagine stepping into another world without having to actually leave the planet. Floatation Therapy is an unparalleled experience of near weightlessness, unlike anything you have ever encountered before. Our private float rooms offer a serene space that allows you to disconnect from all the stress of daily life. Your first session at First State Floats will definitely leave you wanting more!

Floatation Therapy has been proven to have an immediate effect on chronic pain, improve sleep quality, eliminate stress levels, and achieve rapid recovery with reduced joint pain and fatigue. Floating eliminates all the external sensory information that your mind is constantly processing. By reducing cortisol levels and triggering a rush of endorphins floating eases your thoughts, massages your muscles and relaxes your spine. While floating, you will feel free from all of life’s distractions, allowing you the mental clarity that you never thought possible.

Come experience for yourself the wonders that Floatation Therapy can do for you and your overall health. At First State Floats, we aim to meet all your individual Float needs. Let us know how we can make your time in the float tank a positive, restorative and relaxing experience.

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