Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Flow with Brooke!
October 2nd @ 6:30pm

Join Brooke for dynamic movement and a yoga flow that brings awareness to sensations within the body as you move on the mat. While Ms. Brooke will lead you through class, she encourages her students to move and experience what feels good to them in that moment.  We encourage you to come 10 minutes early to get set up, take a few breaths, and leave the world outside the door.

Reserve your spot online now by calling 302-595-2475!
Pre-registration is required.

Integrated Tapping Circle with Lauren
September 25th @ 6:30pm

We all hold emotional blockages within our body and our minds. Tapping allows us to safely acknowledge and feel those emotions in order to release them for good. Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a somatic mind body practice that involves applying light pressure (tapping) on acupressure points while simultaneously speaking out loud and putting words to the emotions and/or physical sensations that you are experiencing in your body. This process enables us to clear out emotions, physical pain, limiting beliefs, fears and more!

Tapping is a beautiful compliment to Floating and will help you regulate your nervous system and feel at
ease in your body. And we can all benefit from that!

No tapping experience needed. Come join us for an evening of releasing what we hold that no longer
serves us!

Reserve your spot online now or by calling 302-595-2475!
Pre-registration is required.

Sound Bath with Lauren
October 23rd @ 6:30pm

Lauren produces healing vibrations with her crystal quartz singing bowls by allowing tones to build and evolve.  This produces a sea of sound that is both timeless and alive.  The vibrations interact powerfully with our bodies; helping to cleanse and rejuvenate us at the deepest cellular levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath Immersion included:

• relief from stress or anxiety
• reduced pain
• peace of mind and mental clarity
• emotional healing or release
• continuing self-development
• better sleep

Reserve your spot now by calling 302-595-2475!
Pre-registration is required.

Belly Dance with Julissa – Date TBD

Sway your hips and snake arm your way to excitement, fun, and feeling confident! After introductions and a warmup, we will learn the foundational belly dancing moves. Come have an evening of fun and building confidence as we work up a sweat with friends! We will move our bodies and at the end of class, we will have mastered moves that will be combined into a manageable choreography. Step out of your comfort zone, be brave, and join us for an evening of movement!

All levels are welcome! Wear clothes that you can easily move in. The studio is shoe free, so don’t worry about dance shoes! Hip scarfs will be provided!

Hip scarfs available for purchase.  If you would like to go home with your own hip scarf, bring $10 cash or $15 for two hip scarfs.Price is $35.

Reiki Sessions with Krista

Are you looking to explore your energetic self? Krista offers a unique experience by leading you into your Reiki session through a small iRest and ending the session through iRest Yoga Nidra.

“I am a very visual person. I see peoples ora and energy through pictures and colors. Throughout the session I will simply be a vessel through which energy flows. For me, energy is tangible during our Reiki session. Together, we will work to unlock your human potential and tap into energetic healing.  During the session, I will use essential oils and crystals to enhance the experience.  After the session is through, I encourage each person to write their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I, too, will take time at the end to gather myself and collect my thoughts.  You will then discuss what occurred during thesession and I will answer any questions – to the best of my ability.  After our session, I will allow myself a few days and then send a follow up email with a recap of our session!”

Book your session today by calling 302-595-2475 or emailing Krista@FirstStateFloats.com!
Reiki Session – $125

Each session will take approximately 90 minutes.
For $15, take home the crystals and a sample bottle of oils used.

Breathing, Movement, Mediation!

Are you looking to find complementary ways to relax both mental and physiologically without having to jump into a float tank?

Let us help you! Scheudule a breathing, movement, meditation, or yoga session in our studio!  We will tailor the class to you (or to your group).  At the end of the session, we will discuss how to take these tools back into the world.

Give us a call so we can discuss what you are looking for and together we will decide how much time we may need for your session!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email krista@firststatefloats.com.

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