The studio is open and we are now accepting reservation for our complimentary healing practices!

Breathing, Movement, Mediation!

Are you looking to find complementary ways to relax both mental and physiologically without having to jump into a float tank?

Let us help you! Add a breathing, movement, meditation, or yoga session to your float!  We will tailor the class to you (or to your group). At the end of the session, we will discuss how to take these tools back into the world.

Add-on a 30- or 60-minute session after your float!

Give us a call so we can discuss what you are looking for and together we will decide how much time we may need for your session! If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Sound Bath Meditation – Wednesday November 10th @ 7pm

We are so excited to welcome back Jenn and her crystal alchemy singing bowls, chimes, and other healing vibrations she brings into the studio!  Come enjoy an evening of relaxation and meditation while Jenn guides you through a 60-minute class gently moving through the inner body. The bowls and the chimes reverberate through the space allowing each participant to become present leaving any stress at the door.

This class will be an iRest Yoga Nidra accompanied by the relaxing sounds of the singing bowls.  Come as you are – no experience necessary!  Accessible for all ages and abilities!

Space is limited to eight guests for for the evening as we are safely re-invigorate the studio space with our community!  We must have at least four attendees registered to hold the series.  Pre-payment is required and refunds are unavailable.

A sound bath and float package are also back by popular demand. Limited availability, please call to secure this phenomenal package. Float will be at 8:30 following event. This package is not available online.

Sound Bath sold out?  More dates to be announced soon!!!

New classes on the horizon!

This next month instead of offering a series we will be introducing weekly classes and specialty workshops.  We are looking to better serve our community and bring the tools you all are asking for and/or about!  Read below for a sneak peak of the classes coming in November!

Are you looking to start or explore a new mindfulness practice?  We will be offering a Weightless Wednesday class where will be journeying through our bodies during a 30-minute guided meditation.  Begin your day with balance through breathwork.  There will be an optional 15-minute discussion afterwards!

Each time we step on our mat, we believe we are beginners.  Join us for an all level, all abilities class where we will learn poses that best fit your body whether that be on the floor, in a chair, or against the wall. This is You-ga!© – yoga for you!  Each class will have discussion and engagement!  This class will be 60-minutes of intuitively feeling into the body!

Reiki – a complimentary modality to floating!

If Reiki is something you would like to add-on to your float, please give us a call to get scheduled on Tuesdays or Fridays. Weekends can be scheduled with notice.

Ms. Amber is a Reiki Master and will be offering sessions for after your float!  Here is our best attempt at capturing Ms. Amber’s passion and words about Reiki:

Energy flows through us and around us. Reiki is a practice of channeling universal life force energy into the body to help heal and nourish. During a session we mentally and spiritually access a space to which we defy time and duality. Some may think that Reiki is all woo, however; there are measurable impacts to the bio-magnetic field of the human body during a Reiki session.

During a Reiki session, my hands will measurably emit a healing frequency of 7-10hz. Typically, hands will emit a frequency of 2-5hz. The person receiving the energy will show a jumping frequency. These are just a few measurable changes. The research behind frequency is growing and fascinating! While we defy time and duality, we also see measurable evidence to prove the woo!

Reiki, itself, is a beautiful practice of healing and moving energy through and around. Oftentimes, the beauty of the practice needs to be felt as words are unable to do justice to the transformative nature that Reiki can have. The practice brings a deeper connection and means of communication to both the practitioner and the individual receiving the flow of energy.

Reiki allows me [Amber] to heal myself and past traumas.  During a session, I am simply the vessel that the energy flows through.  I am grateful to be part of such an intimate journey into oneself.  Through Reiki, I am able to introduce people to parts of themselves and watch their journey unfold while learning about pieces of me.

Crystals and herbs are an added addition to my Reiki journey.  Both have healing properties that I am able to help utilize through Reiki.  Crystals have a measurable frequency and add a bonus element to the practice.  Their charge allows for an extra ‘energy umph’ during the session.  After a session, we sit and discuss what may have come up.  Herbs not only affect a person’s olfactory sense; they can have healing properties to the physical body (ie anti-inflammatories, immune boosters).

Simply put: Reiki is an intimate journey of letting go and inwardly healing the trauma that holds you from your expansive potential.  All through the movement of universal life force energy.

Reiki session: approximately 45 minutes

Session Cost: $85 (members receive 20% off)