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Join us Tuesday March 31st at 7pm for a relaxing sound bath immersion and iRest™ meditation with Jenn. All you have to do is show up and relax into the sounds of the crystal quartz alchemy bowls, koshi chimes and gong.

Jenn will guide us through an iRest™ meditation while the sounds of the bowls envelope the entire studio space. No prior experience is needed and this relaxation practice is accessible to all ages and abilities. You can expect to feel relaxed, yet energized, as the quartz singing bowls help you settle and let go of your busy day.

As you are washed in a virtual “bath” of healing sounds from quartz crystal bowls, the tones build and evolve, producing a sea of sound that is both timeless and alive. The sounds interact powerfully with our bodies, cleansing and rejuvenating us at the deepest cellular levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Blocks and tensions are washed away, leaving you centered, refreshed, energized, fully present, and connected with the world around you!

Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath Immersion included:
• relief from stress or anxiety
• reduced pain
• peace of mind and mental clarity
• emotional healing or release
• continuing self development
• better sleep

RSVP now by calling 302-595-2475
or Click Here: bit.ly/3ab1nV5
$25.00 per person, $30 at the door.
Limited space

Add a 60 minute float for $55!
(Based on availability, please call to reserve.)

Please dress comfortably, bring your mat or blanket! You will be asked to take off your shoes (so please bring socks or join us in being barefoot).

See you then!